FAQ The Sender

  • Why I need The Sender?

    You need it to get in touch with your audience! Send them notifications about news, articles, sales, whatever you like. By the way, it increases the amount of site’s traffic by 27% on average.

  • What is The Sender?

    The Sender is a web-push service for publishers. You can send and manage push-notifications and monetize your base as well.

  • If I Already have another service, what can I do?

    We’ve got migration system that works both ways. Your base ALWAYS stays with you. You can migrate your subscribers from another service to The Sender and use it.

  • Can I use it completely free of charge?

    Absolutely! If you have less than 25.000 subscribers it will be free. Or if you will use monetization, in that case you have unlimited cap of subscribers and all of the features of The Sender.

  • How The Sender helps me to get more traffic?

    It works simply: the user enters the site and a little browser’s window shows on the top left of the page about the permission to display notifications. From 2% to 15% of site users connect it daily. Then you can write them a notification about the release of the latest news. It will show up even if the user is not on your resource. So, if you have a base of 150k subscribers, you send them the message and 15% of users follow it, then your site will have 25k more users on that day. And the database will be gathering all the time.

  • How to start work with The Sender

    Sign up in TheSender.com, add your site, put tag and service worker on your site, send first message. That’s it!

  • How much can I earn with The Sender?

    Depends on the amount and quality of your traffic. Firstly I advice you to gather your base.

  • What if I stop paying the charge?

    If you are using paid-plans - you just lose the ability to send messages to your base. You still can gather your base, check the statistic or change your plan to “monetize”.

  • Who created The Sender?

    The company RollerAds. A lot of users asked us to make web-push service for publishers and webmasters.

  • How can I have a discount

    If you plan to have more than 500.000 subscribers, please, contact us via [email protected], we will discuss it.

  • What plan should I choose?

    If you want to test web-pushes and The Sender - try “Free” plan, you will get the main points of service.
    If you already have your base of subscribers - look deeper for “Enterprise” (if you dont want to monetize your base) or “Monetize” (if you want to get additional profit).

  • Will my subscribers receive third-party messages from you?

    No, only your messages. And if you turn on the monetization button - your followers will receive messages from the advertisers.

The Sender