Clear and flexible web-push service for webmasters

  • Increases site performance
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Available free plan
  • Flexible built-in monetization

Push Notifications are the must for any successful business

Web pushes are popup messages that appear in-browser, and they are indispensable for the several tasks

  • Expanding loyal user base

    Users who turn on web-push agree to receive notifications. It's a good way to identify potential loyal customers.

  • Reducing unsubscribe rate

    Keep your subscribers' attention and stay relevant - remind them of new posts and important news.

  • Informing your subscribers

    Informing your subscribers

    The web push makes mass messages feel personal. Inform customers about what interests them, share special offers - and your notifications would be seen as friendly hints.

  • Increasing customer retention

    A web push helps to gently remind your users of an unfilled form, abandoned shopping cart, or just the fact that you miss them. Retain customers by bringing their attention back to your site.

the Sender solution for all kinds of partners

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    For publishers

    Boost Page Views, increase TOS, monetize traffic

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    For eCommerce

    Promote products, inform about discounts, increase sales

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    For affiliates and agencies

    Warm up users and power up conversions

Competitive advantages of the Sender

  • Free plans available
    due to large capacity
    of the servers

  • Easy installation and quick setup (+WP plugin)

  • Detailed targeting for better deliverability

  • Extended statistics
    and analytics

  • Flexible monetization - get income instead of costs

  • Schedule and automation

  • Improved quality of traffic by 37% on average

  • 100% safe. Does not affect the ranking of the site.


Pricing plans

Choose a pricing plan that matches your needs best!

FREE Monetize Enterprise Extended
Subscribers Up to 25,000 Unlimited ∞ Up to 200k From 200k
Messages Unlimited Unlimited ∞ Unlimited ∞ Unlimited ∞
Price 0$ 0$ 9$+2$/1.000 subscriber after 25,000 349$ (TBD)
Monetization Your choice Yes Your choice Your choice
Target Basic Yes ∞ Yes ∞ Yes ∞
Schedule Up to 3 messages Yes ∞ Yes ∞ Yes ∞
A\B test Up to 3 tests Yes ∞ Yes ∞ Yes ∞
Analytic Basic Detailed Detailed Detailed
Support Yes Personal Personal Personal
Additional features No Welcome push customization and analytic
Detailed analytic
Deep segmentation
Daily reports
Push tester
And many other
Check price and earn calculator
Unleash the power of web push traffic with The Sender platform. Fast. Easy. Free.
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